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Astri Polska as a company founded by Airbus Defence and Space is a distributor of geoinformation data, including satellite images and their processing effects and interpretations. Astri Polska shares products performed by all the constellation of Airbus Defence and Space satellites and its cooperating partners. Possibility of using many sources allows to fit images according to the Customer’s needs and to optimize the costs. According to the application of the product, Astri Polska will indicate the best resolution of the images, consult the expected time of the acquisition and determine the way of its processing.

Pleiades Pleiades
Two twin satellites with high image depth, allowing photographed every place on Earth every day of the year.
Resolution: 0,5 m
Revisit: Daily
Canals: (P), R, G, B, iR
spot_5-Copie SPOT
The family of optical satellites launched in 1986! Currently active are the latest spots 6 and 7, continuing the nearly 30ty years of observations.
Resolution: 1,5 m
Revisit: Daily
Canals: (P), R, G, B, iR
Satellite radar imaging with the most depth detail. Capable of performing imaging regardless of weather conditions ( i.a. clouds).
Resolution: 0,25 m
Revisit: 1-3 days
Wavelenght: around 3,1 cm
Deimos DMC-2 i DEIMOS-1
The twin satellites dedicated to the analysis of large-scale, ready to collect vast amounts of information – photographs of more than 10 million square kilometers of land per day.
Resolution: 22 m
Picture widness.: 650Canals: R, G, iR
Formosat FORMOSAT-2
Satellite designed to monitor changes occurring in the earth. Exactly every 24 hours is located over the same point of the earth.
Resolution: 2 m
Revisit: 24h
Canals: (P), R, G, B, iR

Astri Polska offers

 Several optical and microwave systems

 Experts in image processing

IOptical and SAR images  with full interpretation chain for wide range of applications

Professional consultations in order to determine image optimal parameters

Specific analyzes, reports, interpretation, etc


  Daily revisit in any place of the world

 Resolution down to 50 cm with Pleiades  constellation

 SAR data independent from weather condition

 Large swath for large area monitoring


 Agriculture monitoring

 Change detection

 Environment monitoring

 Crisis management support


Pictures performed by the constellation of Airbus Defence and Space satellites



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