In October, Astri Polska finalized the satellite river-ice monitoring system. The role of the service is to deliver up to date information about the current situation on the rivers and help to avoid the floods. The solutions were developed within the ESA and World Bank EO4EP programme.

 The ice-jams are one of the main reasons for the floods in Poland in the winter season. The system developed by Astri Polska allows to monitor the rive-ice and divide it into 3 categories.

Our system’s use of the free-of-charge data, derived from the European “Copernicus” satellite EO programme is its major advantage. Thanks to the above the user does not bear extra costs stemming from gathering of the new data. Furthermore, the accuracy of the gathered data reaches up to 90% which means that the presented data is credible.Beata Weintrit, EO4EP Project Manager at Astri Polska.

The system based on the freeware Copernicus data is effective for the rivers wider than 60 meters, what is enough to monitor main Polish rivers. It is possible to use the system to monitor the smaller rivers by using the commercial, hi-resolution data derived from TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X satellites.

Astri Polska developed the system for monitoring of the river-ice within the ESA’s EO4EP (Earth Observation for Eastern Partnership) programme. The initiative which aims to achieve a step increase in the uptake of satellite-based environmental information in the development programs implemented by the World Bank and the European Investment Bank in the Eastern European Region, in particular in order to support the technical collaboration and knowledge exchange among Eastern Partnership countries. The project goals will be achieved by building a strong cooperation with institutions responsible for land/water management and agriculture development in each of the countries participating in the project. The EO4EP: Crisis Information Centre (CIK) of the Earth Observation Group in Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences (leader), GeoSystems, GeoPulse, Astri Polska, GISAT; support was provided by the Polish Center for International Aid.