The aim of the SAFEDAM project is to create a system for levees monitoring using a non-invasive, unmanned aerial platform, which scans from low-altitude, and satellite and aerial imagery. For this purpose innovative, photogrammetry and remote sensing technologies will be used. Endangered areas, detected preliminarily by images will be measured by non-invasive, flying measuring platform with centimeter accuracy using 3D measurement technique. The methodology of system application, training program and proposals of procedures related to the management of flood risk will be also prepared.


  • Comprehensive
  • Enables the collection, automatic data analysis and 3D visualization for hydrological services and crisis management professionals
  • Allows society for geoparticipation in monitoring the levees
  • Ensures effective management of flood risk
  • Complements the already implemented projects of flood protection
  • Project in the field of defense and security
  • Project founded by NCBiR

Consortium: Warsaw University of Technology, Geodesy and Cartography Department (leader), Astri Polska, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, The Central School of State Fire Service in Częstochowa, MSP Marcin Szender

Timeframe: 2016-2018

Official website of the project:

The project has received funding from Polish National Centre for Research and Development