PROBA-3 ESA’s – and the world’s – first precision formation flying mission

About PROBA-3

PROBA-3 is a scientific mission aiming to investigate the solar corona. It will consist of two satellites flying in a formation. The first one will serve as a shield, enabling the solar corona observation. The second satellite will gather scientific data with the coronagraph.
This mission has not only scientific purpose, but also an engineering goal to prove that two satellites may fly in a formation.


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PROBA-3 mission has a strategic goal to develop industrial space competencies in new ESA member states. Astri Polska is involved in this project as designer of Power Conditioning Unit for Coronagraph Control Box. The project has broad consortium. The main responsible for the coronagraph is CSL (Centre Spatial de Liege, Belgium).
Astri Polska is involved in the project since the bridging phase start on 1st July 2014.
The project has reached MS1 – Completion and acceptance of Mission and Product Assurance Plans in November 2014.

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