FLIRT-PL Fitting LIon Receiver Tests in PoLand


FLIRT-PL – Fitting LIon Receiver Tests in PoLand – ESA project realized by Astri Polska (Prime) together with Airbus Defence & Space from 1st of February 2015.

LION is a GNSS signals receiver for scientific, earth observation and telecommunication satellites which is able to reliably operate in :


Due to its high robustness it is also suitable for launchers. The main goal of FLIRT-PL project is to set up an assembly and test line for LION receivers in Poland. LION modules are manufactured and pretested in Airbus Defence & Space and then, the final assembly and tests are outsourced to Astri Polska.




Box assembly (from pretested modules) will be done in laboratory in Astri Polska premises. Assembled box will be functionally and electrically tested to ensure correctness of LION operation. Later on environmental and performances (based on SPIRENT GSS9000 simulator) tests will be conducted.

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