Answering the demand of the space industry for a cost-effective, easily deployable and versatile platform for testing of the satellites, Astri Polska received funding from European Space Agency to develop an innovative modular Electronic Ground Support Equipment platform. The solution will benefit from company experience in the development of the aforesaid devices for the major European space missions.

Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) are specific devices which are used to validate the electrical behaviour of the satellite, with all the spacecraft hardware before putting it into orbit. In most cases,  the currently used constructions have to be designed and developed from scratch for the specific applications. The advantage of the ‘Modular EGSE’ developed by Astri Polska is that the platform will be easy to be tailored to meet various use cases.

It will be based on industry standards, as an off-the-shelf product easily adaptable to clients’ needs and with the potential to reach a wide range of customers, including outside the space industry. In brief, the idea of the modularity will allow the customers to easily “compose” its own EGSE system, suited to their specific needs using the adaptable modules for testing of the particular satellite functionalities. It will also allow achieving significant costs reduction in terms of the EGSE’s used in space projects. In addition to the major space programmes, the advantage of the ‘modular EGSE’ will be a possibility to implement the device in the programs aiming to develop smaller satellites, what makes the Astri Polska solutions in line with Space 4.0 trend .

Role of Astri Polska: Astri Polska is responsible for whole activities within the project.

Timeframe: 2019-2021


The development of the Modular EGSE is funded by the European Space Agency, within the „Polish Industrial Incentive Scheme” programme.