GNSS hardware design&integration and software development.


GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System is one of the key downstream space based technology (beside earth observation and telecommunication). Nowadays GNSS is one of the most promising and fast-growing market segment.


Astri Polska is involved in GNSS domain strongly. APL is prototyping GNSS solutions, including hardware design and integration and software development.

In GNSS domain, Astri Polska is cooperating with a lot of Polish (Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski, Politechnika Rzeszowska, Warsaw University of Technology, Space Research Centre PAS, Polish Air Force Academy, Polish Naval Academy) and European (GSA, ESA, Torino University of Technology, AGIT/ARIC, Aachen University, Bavairia) entities.


Astri Polska competencies and knowledge:

GNSS systems architecture
GNSS performances monitoring and statistics
GNSS receivers technology, architecture and design
GNSS receiver testing
GNSS position determination algorithms
GNSS hardware design and manufacturing
GNSS hardware integration (also with other technologies, e.g. communication, inertial unit)

Based on these skills, Astri Polska’s team is involved in several GNSS related projects and developed GNSS based products:

E-KnoT – H2020 – interactions between industry-research-education in the domain of GNSS

FLIRT-PL – ESA – GNSS space receivers testing procedures

ANCHOR – FP7/BONUS – harbour navigation

PAS/ROHAN – harbour navigation

THRUST – jamming detection

GluCOSE – SDR based GNSS receiver

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