Eurostar Neo is a new generation of a platform for telecommunication satellites developed by Airbus Defence and Space within the NEOSAT programme led by ESA and French CNES agency. The innovative solutions allowed to improve the payload capacity of the satellite and to optimize its electronic systems. The satellite is equipped in fully electrical proplusion system. The new platform is 30% less expensive, in comparison to other constructions. One device per each satellite.

Role of Astri Polska: Astri Polska delivers two types of electronic systems (EGSE) for the Eurostar Neo satellites ordered by commercial customers. The systems are:

  • Simulation Front End which role is to test the satellite avionics
  • Simulated Electrical Flight Model which role is to test the on-board computer (OBC) and power management system of the satellite

In 2016-2018 Astri Polska delivered 4 electronic systems for the Eurostar Neo satellites, 2 units of each type. Currently we are working on the two additional electronic devices for the new generation of the Hot Bird satellites, which are used for TV and radio transmissions and the SpainSAT satellites, which are used for secure communications by the Spanish Ministry of Defence and by countries participating in the European Governmental Satellite Communications Programme, or GOVSATCOM. The company will deliver one device per each satellite.

Timeframe: 2016-2018

The Eurostar Neo satellites were developed within the NEOSAT programme funded by European Space Agency.