Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)

Specializes in electronics service and product development directly related to main Polish priorities within the ESA/EUROSPACE and H2020.


EGSE design and manufacturing for space applications

On Board Computers for Nano/Micro satellites design

ASIC Design dedicated to electrical engineering

Customized Small size and small series hardware



PROBA-3 (ESA) – Power Conditioning Unit for Coronograph Control Box

FLIRT-PL (ESA) – Fitting Lion receiver tests in Poland

EUCLID (ESA) – Test Equipment and Test Scripting Support for Mass Memory Unit (MMU) in frame of the EUCLID CDMS – MMU

MISAC (ESA) – Mixed Signal ASIC Controller for DC-DC power converters

METOP-SimFE (ESA) – MetOp Second Generation Simulation Front Ends

NeoSAT – Eurostar Neo Simulation Front End

EMETER (ENIAC) – DEep SubMicron System on Chip (SoC) for Harsh Environment applicaTions using EuRopean Technologies


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