European Ground Systems – Common Core Integration Contribution

Astri Polska signed a contract fwith the European Space Agency for the realization of the European Ground Systems – Common Core Integration Contribution (EGS-CC) project. The EGS-CC aims to develop one standard of infrastructure and software that will be used in the process of assembly, integration and testing of the satellites, launch vehicles as well as in the ground stations. So far, every space programme held by different companies was developed using the dedicated solutions that were not compatible with each other. Thanks to the EGS-CC many unified solutions will be developed for all European space missions, to be used during the development of the space missions, as well as to command and control them. The programme is held under the auspices of European Space Agency with the significant effort of leading European space companies, such as Airbus Defence and Space, Ariane Space, Thales and OHB System.

Role of Astri Polska: Within the EGS-CC project, Astri Polska together with Airbus Defence and Space will be working to upgrade the software developed by Airbus within its internal project ACCEPTO, that aims to develop infrastructure that will be fully compliant with the EGS-CC standards. The software will be used at the ground stations whose role is to command and control the satellites. The software will be fully compatible with the EAPL programming language that will become a standard language for all ESA programmes. The software developed by Astri Polska will cooperate with i.e.: the new generation of European telecommunication satellites Eurostar Neo.

Timeframe: 2019-2021

The project is funded by the European Space Agency