End-User Driven Demo for CBRNe

The Demonstration project, funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme on Secure Societies with the primary objective to provide solutions to improve CBRNe resilience and allow enhanced interoperability and effectiveness between CBNRe operators and ensuring the resilience capacity of the EU society.



The EDEN (End-User Driven Demo forCBRNe) Framework Seven Security Demonstration Project is an European Union (EU)-wide collaborative project involving a consortium of thirty-six members across 15countries, with BAE Systems as the project consortium lead.


The consortium members comprise of six CBRNe domain end-users, major corporate stakeholders, large system integration and solution providers, including Small to Medium Enterprises and Research and Technology Organisations.


The EDEN project started 1st September 2013 and will run for a duration of three years. The project will cover the whole cycle of CBRNe (prevention, preparedness, response) aiming at developing and ensuring the resilience capacity of the EU society. All demonstration efforts will be aimed at both integrating and coordinating existing EU capacities and competences. A key project aim will be to achieve the development of a “multi-facetted system of systems approach” that will provide an EU-tailored solution able to improve CBRNe-equipment resilience and allow enhanced interoperability between CBRNe operators.


The EDEN project will leverage the added-value of tools and systems from previous research and development efforts, bringing other innovative solutions to improve CBRNe resilience through their adaptation and integration. It aims also at developing CBRNeresearch activities in the EU, linking end-users, scientists and industrial experts.


The impact of EDEN is to provide an affordable solution countering the CBRNe-threat, with improved resilience and market sustainabilitythrough the better integration of systems in real operations and thus enhancing the safety of citizens.


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