Astri Polska joins the THEOS-2 programme which aims to develop two Earth observations satellites for the government of Thailand. The solutions developed by the Warsaw-based company will support testing of the onboard computer of one of the satellites, scheduled to be launched in 2020.


The purpose of the THEOS-2 programme is to develop two Earth observation satellites for Thailand’s government – the high-resolution satellite and a small satellite system. The high-resolution satellite will be delivered by Airbus Defence and Space when the small satellite system from Surrey Satellite Technology  (Airbus subsidiary) will be assembled and tested in Thailand by local engineers as a part of the technology transfer.

The role of Astri Polska in the project will include integration of the test environment which will make it possible to validate the flight software, running the onboard computer.


We are pleased that we can participate in another important space programme. So far, our company was involved only in European programmes. Now, the end-user of our solutions will be an Asian customer, in this case Thailand – said Jacek Mandas, Astri Polska CEO.Astri Polska is already experienced in the development of the test environments. Currently, we are also working on the similar solution for the JUICE mission which will explore Jupiter and its icy-moons – he stressed.


The 50cm high-resolution satellite will be based on the proven AstroBus-S satellite which will be fitted to the specific needs of Thailand’s government. The THEOS-2 constellation will replace the first-generation THEOS Earth observation satellite manufactured by Airbus DS and launched in 2008. The mission was to come to an end in 2014 but it still continues to deliver the hi-quality data.