Astri Polska has delivered all the contracted equipment for the JUICE mission which is to explore Jupiter and its icy moons. At the end of the year, the company will provide dedicated test software to the program. JUICE is one of the most important programs of ESA in which the Polish space sector is involved. 

The device delivered in mid-July is the last one of two electronic systems for the JUICE explorer that has been commissioned to Astri Polska. The first device was delivered last November.  Both devices constitute a test infrastructure for the JUICE explorer and along with dedicated software are to test and simulate the functioning of specific sub-systems of the explorer on which Astri Polska is now working. As a result, the engineers supervising the JUICE mission will be able to verify correct operations of key systems of the explorer, for instance: power supply system,  propulsion system, communication and navigation systems or the control system of solar panels.  Additionally, each test device is provided with 40 specialist sets of cable bundles also manufactured by Astri Polska which will connect the test infrastructure to the JUICE explorer.

Poland is involved in the construction of the JUICE probe which is to explore Jupiter and its icy moons.  In the space sector, there is much room for domestic business, and we have been trying to use the room as vest as possible.  Our staff – Polish engineers design, build and program key components for the JUICE mission and many other programs of the European Space Agency.  This is work requiring vast knowledge but giving much more in exchange.  The satisfaction from the fact that we are placed on an equal footing with European space sector companies with experience in tens of years is invaluable”,
said Jacek Mandas, CEO of Astri Polska.

JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) is an exploration mission of the European Space Agency which is to explore Jupiter and its icy moons.  The explorer is planned to be launched in 2022.  Apart from Astri Polska, also engineers from the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences are involved in the development of the JUICE explorer.

Astri Polska is a leading company in Poland’s space sector, specialised in electronics, optomechatronics as well as satellite applications and services.  The Company is the Polish leader of involvement in programs of the European Space Agency (ESA). It provides dedicated solutions for instance on commission of:  European Commission (European GNSS Agency, European Environment Agency, Horizon 2020), World Bank or the National Centre for Research and Development. Since establishment in 2010, Astri Polska has been involved in over 50 projects and their competencies have been developed by over 250 engineers in the company which makes Astri Polska a leader in educating staff for Poland’s space sector.