electronics, optomechatronics, and space applications and services. The company is the principal Polish participant in programmes implemented by the European Space Agency. It also delivers dedicated solutions to the European Commission (European GNSS Agency, European Environmental Agency, Horizon 2020), the World Bank, the Polish National Centre for Research and Development, and other customers. Since its foundation in 2010, Astri Polska has been involved in over 50 projects. More than 250 engineers have had the opportunity to develop their competencies working for the company, which makes us a leader in staff development for the Polish space sector

In the field of electronic systems, the core activity of Astri Polska is designing and manufacturing of Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) – advanced check-out apparatus used for testing of the electronic systems of the satellites and validation of the radio communication systems of the ground stations. The company also provides number of products used in the process of production and validation of the satellites, such as: dedicated electronic test devices, customized harness, software for validation of satellites functionalities. It also provides wide range of services for space sector including mechanical and electronic design, validation tests, firmware design. The solutions developed by Astri Polska are successfully used in leading European space programmes: MetOp-SG, Eurostar Neo, JUICE, as well as by customers outside Europe – THEOS-2 programme.

In the field of optomechatronics, our expertise includes advanced Optical Ground Support Equipment (OGSE) for the space industry. The company has designed a validation system for the main sensor of the Sentinel-5 mission, which will be part of Copernicus, the European Earth Observation Programme.

Astri Polska has also multifaceted experience in the field of Space Applications and Services, including Earth observations, GNSS and Crisis Management. In satellite Earth observations company provides dedicated satellite-technology-based geoinformation products and services. It is also an official distributor of Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery. In satellite navigation Astri Polska specialises in the testing of GNSS receivers, including the space-grade devices. The company provides also services in the field of GNSS, including advisory in implementation of GNSS in various sectors of the market. In crisis management Astri Polska develops dedicated satellite-technology-based IT systems for crisis management, provides crisis management training and takes part in European projects aimed at developing modern tools for crisis management.

Astri Polska is a Joint Venture company (50% : 50%) of Airbus Defence and Space and Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences (Centrum Badań Kosmicznych Polskiej Akademi Nauk), founded in 2010.



Tamar Gelashvili-Dabrowska
President of the Management Board
Chief Executive Officer







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