3D city

Effective presentation and management of 3D city models over the web.




3D City is an Astri Polska  complex  service that allows extensive visualization of urban areas building units and interiors of buildings in the real time. The web service provides access to the three-dimensional model of the city, containing building details, urban infrastructure and green areas. This model can be enriched with additional layers (such as orthophotomaps, topographic maps, historical maps) and a range of special  effects and functionality – the analysis of shading,  lighting or visibility from the selected points. The 3D City application can be one of the component of the Spatial Information System.

 3D City service corresponds to requirements of comprehensive analysis and visualization of spatial planning and landscape architecture. It is possible to public and external accessing to service as a tool to promote the city on the Internet as well as internal  city service (Intranet). Significant increase in the city attractiveness for  tourism can be reached by enrichment of buildings and interiors using texture as well as adding attribute description of the selected objects: buildings, public monuments, or other interesting areas, Implementation of 3D City service for the customer is simple and limited to installation and configuration of software on the server.


Three-dimensional model of the city generated in real time

High-performance of service at  low hardware requirements

Any of cad/gis formats as input data, possibility to use of all of clients mapping resources

The ability to display data from external  sources (orthophotomap, road infrastructure, information about objects, databases, gis servers, streaming from urban cameras and others)

Increase in the details of the objects by adding textures

Dynamic special effects (time of day, shadows, smoke, water)

The ability to implement application on the mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)

Service development and  support provided by Astri Polska (new features, additional layers, implementation of external data)


Fast access and operation from the web browser

Simultaneous use by any number of users

Simple interface, accessible from any computer using web browser

Analysis of changes used in city planning and landscape architecture, insert and delete model of buildings, adding new objects

Low hardware requirements for the data server

The ability to analyse critical incidents and threats in three-dimensional space

Up-to-date support for municipal spatial information systems

Public access to the services promoting the city and its tourism potential

Poznan (Poland) market place Poznan (Poland) market place 2 Katowice (Poland) city center Poznan (Poland) market place 3 Poznan (Poland) downtown Warsaw (Poland) old town

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