Validation hardware for MetOp-SG ground stations

Astri Polska started the assembly of the electronic devices, which will make it possible to test the ground stations responsible for the communication with the MetOp-SG satellites. The equipment is called the MetOp-SG RF Suitcases

Astri Polska has been assigned to design and manufacture three types of the ESGE’s for the MetOp-SG programme. The Simulation Front End and the Simulated Electrical Flight Model, are used to validate electronic systems of the MetOp-SG satellites. The RF Suitcases are used during the validation and qualification of the MetOp ground stations, responsible for communication with the satellites. In total, Astri Polska will deliver 8 EGSE devices for the MetOp-SG programme. The first two Simulated Electrical Flight Model were already delivered.

Among the four RF-Suitcases manufactured by our company, two are dedicated to the “S” band stations which are used to command and control the satellite. The other two Suitcases operate in “X” and “Ka” bands which are used to transfer the mission science data back to EarthMaciej Kaniecki, MetOp-SG RF Suitcases Project’s Technical Officer at Astri Polska said: