Astri Polska

Astri Polska is a joint venture established in September 2010 by the Airbus Group (previously EADS):
Airbus Defense and Space and the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


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Astri Polska is, for the time being, a research and development company active in the satellite and space
industry; later it will become a manufacturing entity devoted to the space industry.
Its mission is to support the development of the Polish space industry in cooperation with public and private space-oriented organizations.
The company specializes in executing projects in electronics, optoelectronics, GNSS, satellite observations, telecommunications, material science and robotics.
Astri Polska has been closely cooperating with the European Space Agency in accomplishing Technology Transfer Program in the Polish
network of technology brokers. Owing to the close cooperation with its shareholders, the company is a first in Poland in offering integrated satellite applications combining localization, observation and telecommunication technologies. These applications are especially used in fields such as crisis management, spatial and urban
planning, environmental protection, precise agriculture, forest management etc.


Our mission is to promote and to actively participate in the development of space applications and technologies in co-operation with major Polish and international stakeholders including numerous public and private space-oriented organizations. The main objective is to become one of the major players in the Polish space industry supporting the overall development of the space sector in Poland.

Astri Polska put emphasis on the development of its employees, building the success on the intellectual capital. The team is built with the following competences:


  • electronics,
  • information technology systems,
  • GNSS,
  • research and development works.

Management Board

Jacek Mandas – Chief Executive Officer
Monika Sołdaj – Chief Financial Officer


Disisions Managers

Aneta Michałkiewicz – OGSE (Optical Ground Support Equipment) Division Manager
Mateusz Mroczkowski – EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) Division Manager
Piotr Janusz Koza – Space Applications & Services Division Manager
Agnieszka Banaszek – Office Manager


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